AL-2001 Multi-function Home Massager, brings vital health and immaculate life to all your family members.
AL-2001 多用途家居保健按摩器, 帶給您家人健康與美滿生活.

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    AL-2001 Multi-function Home Massager
AL-2001 多 用 途 家 居 保 健 按 摩 器

Beautifies Skin, Relax Muscle and Body, Promote
Blood Circulation, Remove Pains and Enhance Immunity.

美化肌膚, 鬆弛身体, 增強血液循環, 消除痛症及增強免疫力.

Health, Relax, Enjoyment, Longevity, Happiness!
    保健,       消閑,      享受,       長壽,       快樂!

            Foot & Palm Reflexology Enlargement

Body positions can be
applied for massage


Super Benefit of the AL-2001 Multi-function Home and Foot Massager.

The vibration massage of high frequency is the best physical function which cleaned the blood path's obstruction and promoted blood circulation.

Blood path is the main operated tube of human body biology. In order to let all of the tissue function could be normally operated, it must be kept no obstacle in all time and led blood to be reached the circulation duty which supplying Oxygen, nutrition and excreta. If there is obstacle, then from the place of obstacle to the end of the tissue will be produced in insufficient function or even fully losed.

So it's right to say that blood circulation which not-passing freely is the source of illness and beginning of grown old. While the insufficient function of blood circulation and slow down of metabolism, will caused biology responses such as fatigue, worn out, sneeze. If it can't get the suitable relaxation to recover, in lightly, it causes partial pain. In seriously, it causes fall sick from persistent overwork. The chronic disease is caused by days.

Lean on Massager to improve fatigue or pain is a kind of intelligence which human being is different from the livestock. Applying VIBRATION PRINCIPLES OF HIGH FREQUENCY to massage with human body can remove the obstacle especially the end of the minute blood vessel. Blood flow replaces from artery to "breath and blood replaced function" of vein will be active. all the same time, the lymph function which spread the human body shallow order of surface also becomes stronger.

  • Beautifies Skin--- Massage made the capillary blood tube stretched and caused self-consciousness warmth, cleaned skin surface, cleared sebaceous gland, made the skin liquid normally. So massager usually will make the skin mild and smooth.
  • Firms Subcutaneous Structures --- It also promotes the blood flow of the subcutaneous structures and make the subcutaneous structure more firm.
  • Promotes Blood Vessel Expansion --- Due to the large quantity supplies of artery blood and cleaned the blood vessel of obstacle. The same pressure will be effected on lymph tube to make nutrition substance and illness products to be quickly absorbed and cleaned out by lymph cliff.
    The physical phenomenon of interlocked ring is
    ARTERY STIMULUS --> AUTOMATICALLY FILLED BLOOD --> NUTRITION SULLPIED --> SECRETION --> CLEANED OUT AND ABSORPTION. So, it quickened metabolism and made active function stronger.
  • Treats Muscle Tension And Recover Muscle Flexibility --- Due to Automatically filled blood making muscle tissue obtaining nutrition which large quantity blood brought at time. So it protected rigid which fatigue piled or muscle atrophy after illness.
  • Nerve System --- Increase the stimulus and response of health nerve and allay pains of illness nerve.
    As maladjustment of self-control nerve caused the insomnia, constipation, migraine and non-name, etc., appropriate massager will make self-control never to be adjust balance and obtain the improvement.
Function of the AL-2000 Home Massage

  1. Fingerpress spot massage.

  2. High frequency vibration surface massage.

  3. fingerpress spot + high frequency vibration massage.

  4. Foot reflection spot massage.

  5. Foot vibration massage.

Vibration Selection for AL-2001 Home MAssager

    During the 15-minute usage of the vibration, you can achieve the relaxation on your feet by adjusting its speed freely.

    the micro-computer controlled vibration for fast slow 8 second's vibration will not make your feet tired and spasmodic because of the easily adjustable strength.

    The microchip implants from gently wavelike vibration to vigorous once, and vibrated every 30 seconds. This will relieve you of rigidly and pressure.

    Vigorous vibration is suitable for user who like variant massage, which can confort your muscle stiffness and alleviate the pain in the skin more easily and much faster.

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